Come out Thursday , 225 n Caldwell #7o4

Come out Thursday , 225 n Caldwell


hisham_elsukkary dah manzr @mohamed____fayez Chabh el 3yal el srsgya :P :P

My band called #7o4 😹

My band called 😹


monii_mariiee 😚😚

puroo_guerrero @monii_mariee lol thanks for the besos creo que eso son lol

monii_mariiee Haha I think they're whistling no? Lol ☺ @crazy_notaa

puroo_guerrero @monii_mariee ohh true true this >>>😘 is a beso lol :P

era_gg El bachata partner lol

puroo_guerrero @era_gg si con la bachata estoy al 100

kaaren_baee 😍😍

lewiexiii Haha hell yea Savage life!!!!

lewiexiii S/o that nigga Robb tho

yo_thurz_paintme Nah No shutouts @vicerecords

lewiexiii Stfu need to s/o yo barber so he can get on his job

yo_thurz_paintme @vicerecords nigga wtf r u talking abt? Those Molly's n nose candy u been bathing in in atl got what little mind you have left fucked up

lewiexiii Nigga u look like a damn bath salt lmmfao

yo_thurz_paintme Ok your insults are getting lame...being in ATL n walking 10miles in the gay pride parade must of soften u up 🍎🍊🍊+🍰🎂= @vicerecords "I'm done" (drops 🎤)

lewiexiii Nigga sit yo daddy Mac lookin ass tf down wit then long ass jokes niggas need directions to laugh

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