#zek by #knistt a tribute #fresnograffii

by a tribute

@user What happened??


@user Rip Mario og #Zek

@user @user @user

@user Rest in paradise king zek. A fresno veteran in the game.. Gone but not forgotten

@user Rest in Paradise big brother Mario Reyna forever 56 reppin till the end

I like to spoil me. And met 2 legends in the process  #oute5 and #knistt

I like to spoil me. And met 2 legends in the process and

@user @user woof. . You paint bro?

@user Dude ... I do rollers when I'm bored haha

@user Don't forget too please!

@user @user I work tomorrow at 4 come through and swoop it

@user @user pudo pedos wey since when

@user Fasho I'll see Whatsup

@user Psshhh dude I do murals in my sleep ! Lol will kick it one day young sparrow, gotta black book??

@user @user I do

@user Dope!!! ... Nice catch

@user @user thanx brody!

@user Fresno graff athletes

@user Graffiti Thats Legendary! !

@user 👌👌

@user CREW

@user Wat about me :(

@user Dope video!!

@user @user weak never ask yo if it happens it happens 👊

@user @user nice beats!

@user Dem slaps iz dopee geee..

@user @user Thats Fashawn yo..!! Peep him out @user

@user Fuckin sick!!

@user Looks like a Vise style tho....

@user @user propers

@user Yup that's vise....

@user @user word!

@user that looks clean..

@user Ooohhweee wet👌✊✊

@user $0w n top left corner, yeee! Lol

@user I c u boi..

@user Yee Yee

@user Dope af

@user @user someone sponsor this nigga!!!!!

@user Beast!!!! @user

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