Some work for the OG homies.  #fresnolegends #GTLRs #Knistt #Par #stickerporn #polyester #laserprinted #bnw #handstyles #Bank #Alhk #wescoastgraffiti #calilivin

Some work for the OG homies.

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@user These fuckin go!

@user @user Thanks G, I'm still gonna send you those other slaps to.

@user Yea g when eva play boy!

Graf world O.G as it gets in the 559 ill tell you what! #Knistt #559sincethe209 #graf

Graf world O.G as it gets in the 559 ill tell you what!

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@user GTL been around since day 1, props, my cuz REPS MFL PI PMA, from early 90s.

@user #OGtripleOG 💯💰

@user CHB were you at... ? #11siXsquad #JESUSSAVES #socialxclub #misfit #rejects #wolfpackgang

@user That's wusup..yo know waz kraken @user ..I used to work with cuete & knicks back n tha day✊✌

@user @user 👊

@user Strok is my cutty, dude still get ups out in the bay. @user

@user Fire

@user Knistter Killin it with that Gym Tan Laundry

@user Feddy!!!👌 kover1 da real kover

@user My Ninja Still Doing He's Thangg Till Infinity 🔥👌Yeeeeeeeeeeee

@user Ayyee lil Bompton haha

Reefers everywhere #knistt #bench #bnsf #reefer #train #traingraffiti #art

Reefers everywhere

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@user I haven't seen a knistt in foreverrrrrr

@user There still around and hes still painting @user probably keeping it low pro

@user @user right probably best way to do it. I'm over In Cleveland Ohio. I haven't caught any of his panels in a while makes me sad 😑

@user Ive see some recent autorack work,and theres this nice caboose laying in the bnsf yard from years ago he did @user he'll pop out soon hes a beast ive seen some dope reefers roll threw he did,hopefully they head out that way

@user @user ahhhhh I need to make it back out west I hate that I'm stuck in this state. Yay hopefully he kills shit 🔥💯. Lately all I've been catching has been hit or miss. Panels are full of trash now a days

@user Theres always activity going on out here i hope you make a trip out here and see some fresh action @user these days changed allot but there is still a huge amount of writers plotting something new ideas for the future

@user Add me on snapchat: socialenvy

KNISTTO #knistt


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@user zeesup... hell yeah

@user Fresno legend!

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