@user what's fvc

@user F***ing vag constantly @user

@user 😂😂😂😂

@user im done lol that ur crew name bro

@user HAHAHHAHHAA. This is awesome on so many levels.

Almost done #kareafu collage canvas #afu #phillygraffiti hope to finish it tonight.

Almost done collage canvas hope to finish it tonight.

@user Hope your keeping that and not giving it to someone undeserving

@user BANANAZ!

@user Sick

@user @user

@user Haven't done a real piece since high school, not really done yet. Part of a wall I'm doing with @user

@user Nice

@user Wtf! Killin it! Good job homie!

@user Haha yeah gotta tweak a few things but I'm pumped @user

@user Best hand or best stamp @user ❓

@user @user Oh man, I'm just a fan, not a writer, you know I'm bound to fuck up the proper nomenclature, hahaha! Dude's handstyles consistently blow me away though.

@user #potatoe

@user dudes hands are right up there with rasad in my eyes #iknownothing

@user Hahahaha

@user Damn, now I'ma get lit up all night for paying a complement. I shoulda chose my words more careful.

@user Sasep puts in work, looking clean while doing it too!

@user started from the bottom... if only sasep could read these comments.....lol

@user That is a nice graffiti

@user @user 👍✨

@user Kill that tree

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