@user Philly mook! Funniest coincidence, I seen dude on your ig a few times then came to Philly a few months and he had a fresh tag on market and 18th right in front of the hotel I was in. Naturally I put up a few slaps. Respect to all 4 ppl I know who write Mook. #lasvegasmook #nycmook #phillymook tho I'm not from Philly (Pittsburgh) I've taken many trips thru there back in the 90s and was influenced by the handstyles #nise put up in Pgh when he lived here, my boy #euro and #moon who schooled me to some actual styles, #fad who came thru Pgh and smashed a bit, and now #radeo #roskoe #eksert keeping the other side of the state fresh with their prints. Much respect yinz. Keep slamming Shit.

@user #mookgraffiti

@user Apparently mook snitched on ask4

@user Check the 7th floor 👍

@user @user

@user Neick @user.ttmtsya @user.ttmtsya

@user Got one of the nicest throws

@user @user 🙌✨

@user Hiphop

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